Warning for Dog Owners; Dog Theft

This message is very close to my heart and so well put and if you agree perhaps you’d like to sign the petition at the bottom xoxox

Cruelty Free


As part of a number of welfare groups on social media, I have noticed a large number of posts about pets being stolen, in particular dogs. This includes from home gardens with fences and gates, outside shops and even muggings whilst owners are out with their pets. This post is just to warn pet owners of the risks, so people will think twice about what they do with their beloved animals.


So lets start with the one that always upsets me; pets outside of shops/schools etc. This is where the majority of thefts happen, owners will tie up their dogs to go inside – this can range from just getting one thing to do doing a full shop in Tesco. I believe this is very unfair to your dog. Whilst I understand that these errands need to happen and walking the dog to and from the shop means you complete…

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