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I found this blog, A.C. Stark, well he found me but I’m glad he did and I wanted to share this wonderful post with you all. Lots of food for thought and an opportunity to take a stand and make a difference. Enjoy!

A.C. Stark

Blackfishstirred up a storm. The documentary exposed Sea World for the mistreatmentof its captive orcas, its inhumane and sometimes fatal capture, breeding andtraining methods,its coercive staffing procedures, and the comprehensive duplicityof its senior management and public relations teams. In August 2015, almost two years after its release, Sea World reported an84% drop in second-quarter profits. It’sstock prices have dramatically fallen. And in March of this year, in a desperate attempt to clawback a littlecredibility, the park announced the end ofitswhale breeding program. Hurrah!

But wait… Is this really enough?After all, the orcas remain in captivity, enclosed within tanks so small they’dhave to swim well over 3000 lengths to match the distances they’d usually travel on a single day in the oceans. Reverberating throughout the tanks, their vocalisations cause disorientation and consequentunnecessary stress.Originatingfrom different social groups, occasionally from distinct subspecies,they can behostile towards…

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SUPER MEAT – Saving the lives of all Animals

IF YOU COULD STILL EAT MEAT WITHOUT KILLING ANIMALS WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO DO THAT INSTEAD?  – Please check out the following link about an amazing project that has been brought to my attention.  I will never go back to eating meat, but for those who care about animals and don’t want to give up eating meat… well this is a very good alternative!


Paws Crossed for this Year


Cruelty Free

A new year. A time to look hopefully to the future.This year I hope we can seriously make head way with animal welfare.

Puppy-Farm (1)

Puppy farming has become far more publicly acknowledged, with newspapers and TV shows and articles occurring on a fairly frequent basis. There has also been a rise in the number of people prosecuted for puppy farming as well, which is a promising sign. Puppy farming needs to stop, and it would be fantastic if we could get the government to listen to this important animal welfare issue and bring in stricter laws and harsher punishments. I hope that with the help of other like minded people, we can help bring this about. If you are interested in helping this important cause there are a number of events occurring throughout the year, one of the big ones being Pup Aid, which will be happening in London and is…

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Good News for Military Dogs!

MILITARY DOGS CAN NOW COME HOME, thanks to Midnightflixy for sharing this great news with us

Cruelty Free


In the US military dogs save at least 200 service men and women in the careers. They are a vital part of the military and do dangerous and heroic work, as well as providing comfort to those brave soldiers who struggle through extreme environments and circumstance. However, it used to be that once the dogs reached a certain age or they became to ill to carry on in the field, they would be abandoned overseas in foreign countries, some of which have little to no animal welfare and the dogs suffered immensely, in some cases succumbing to horrible deaths after years of faithful service.


Now however, President Obama has signed into law a defence bill that requires the military to bring home all retired dogs home to the US! Here they will be homed with either those they have served with, or be put up for adoption for new loving homes.


This is…

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Warning for Dog Owners; Dog Theft

This message is very close to my heart and so well put and if you agree perhaps you’d like to sign the petition at the bottom xoxox

Cruelty Free


As part of a number of welfare groups on social media, I have noticed a large number of posts about pets being stolen, in particular dogs. This includes from home gardens with fences and gates, outside shops and even muggings whilst owners are out with their pets. This post is just to warn pet owners of the risks, so people will think twice about what they do with their beloved animals.


So lets start with the one that always upsets me; pets outside of shops/schools etc. This is where the majority of thefts happen, owners will tie up their dogs to go inside – this can range from just getting one thing to do doing a full shop in Tesco. I believe this is very unfair to your dog. Whilst I understand that these errands need to happen and walking the dog to and from the shop means you complete…

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Stop the Suffering of Beagles!!

STOP THE HORROR. Where is our humanity and how can we show others that cruelty is wrong when in our own backyards we allow this….

Cruelty Free


I have already posted about this before, however this is something I feel incredibly strong about and think everyone needs to know fully about what is happening and to help stop it.

The government has made the decision to allow a new breeding facility for beagles. These beagles will be bred for scientific purposes. These beagles will be all killed.


The breeding females will be forced to have multiple litters of puppies, which causes immense suffering for the dogs and physical damage to them. Once they cannot breed puppies anymore due to age or physical ailment, or even if they are completely healthy but no longer serve a purpose, they are killed. There is no attempt to re home them.


The puppies will be torn from their mothers as soon as it is possible for them to be alone,and they will then be cruelly trained for lab life. They will…

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