Stop the Suffering of Beagles!!

STOP THE HORROR. Where is our humanity and how can we show others that cruelty is wrong when in our own backyards we allow this….

Cruelty Free


I have already posted about this before, however this is something I feel incredibly strong about and think everyone needs to know fully about what is happening and to help stop it.

The government has made the decision to allow a new breeding facility for beagles. These beagles will be bred for scientific purposes. These beagles will be all killed.


The breeding females will be forced to have multiple litters of puppies, which causes immense suffering for the dogs and physical damage to them. Once they cannot breed puppies anymore due to age or physical ailment, or even if they are completely healthy but no longer serve a purpose, they are killed. There is no attempt to re home them.


The puppies will be torn from their mothers as soon as it is possible for them to be alone,and they will then be cruelly trained for lab life. They will…

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