Why I want to blog

Welcome to my blog.  I decided to create my own blog so that I could share my love of Patchwork and Quilting with others who have the same interests.  I’ll probably blog about other things too depending on how the mood hits me.  I’m VERY new to the blogging world which means that if I ever write anything that interests you make sure you remember my blog title as I’m probably going to change the appearance over and over again until I’m fully satisfied… oooh now that’s that challenge, lol!

There are a few famous Quilters who have inspired me to try new things like “Eleanor Burns” (The First Lady in Quilting) QUILT IN A DAY – Eleanor Burns , “Carol Doak” (The Paper-Piecing Queen) CAROL DOAK, “Linda Franz” (Inventor of INKLINGO) INKLINGO – Linda Franz , “Nancy Zieman” (The most versatile woman ever) NANCY ZIEMAN .  THESE WOMEN ARE GIANTS IN MY EYES!!!

I will along the way dedicate a post to each and everyone of these four women because each one is special in her own way and I would like to share the joy they’ve given me with you so that you too can enjoy!

Further on I will write a little bit about myself, but for now I want to embark on my blogging journey and see how it fairs.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment, I like getting mail!!!

Hugs, Conchita

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8 thoughts on “Why I want to blog

    • Hello Cathi, thank you so much. I am a little overwhelmed with all the gadgets and everything it entails. I think it will take me quite a few tries to know my way around. Your blog is wonderful. I was already following you when I decided I too would like to try!!! Thanks again for the support!

    • Hello Patti, I always wanted to blog, we’ll see if I can keep it up or if it turns out to be one of my UFOs. I’ve made a link section called MY FAVOURITE WOMEN IN THE WORLD, because, thanks to them I can have all the joys of quilting at home due to the fact that I can’t get out much and that is a true gift for me!!! Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

      • I started to set one up and then got frustrated so will try again, congrats on your new blog!

      • Hi Jennifer, thank you so much. I can understand that it could become a bit frustrating and I honestly don’t know how it will go but I’m willing to give it a try. Time is mainly the problem and as you personally would understand, the energy that is needed!!! Sometimes I have an idea and when I start I immediately have to stop because I’m literally falling asleep and it’s because I’m literally exhausted! I still can’t come to grips with that part of my illnesses.

        I’m happy that you will try again. Let me know so I can support you. All the best and hugs 🙂

    • Hola Carol my dear friend, thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to comment on my blog. I look forward to making this a special place to share my work as I create and hope that apart from others who may read it, inspire myself to continue my favourite hobby and not let my illnesses prevent me from doing everything I love. I’ll keep you updated, besides, I have to post my Craftsy projects when they are ready!!! Big hug!

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